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You have been invited to exhibit with Art Nordic and it’s now time to book your stand. Below you can see which stands you can book.


Available stands for the exhibition ARTEXPERIENCE May 3-5, 2024 at BMW Experience Center, Jan Nygaard, Firskovvej 33 in Kongens Lyngby.

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Stand rental at ARTEXPERIENCE 24

Choose whether you want to see the amount in Danish Kroner or Euro. Please note that the amount will be deducted from your account in Danish kroner.

3 meters

Stand with a total of 3 meters of wall space including 2 spots

Save 15% with ONLINE STUDIOS

kr. 5.500

2 in stock (can be backordered)

4 meters

Stand with a total of 4 meters of wall space including 2 spots

Save 15% with ONLINE STUDIOS

kr. 6.600

Out of stock

5 meters

Stand with a total of 5 meters of wall space including 2 spots

Save 15% with ONLINE STUDIOS

kr. 7.700

3 in stock (can be backordered)

6 meters

Stand with a total of 6 meters of wall space including 3 spots

Save 15% with ONLINE STUDIOS

kr. 9.200

Out of stock

7 meters

Stand with a total of 7 meters of wall space including 3 spots

Save 15% with ONLINE STUDIOS

kr. 10.300

8 meters

Stand with a total of 8 meters of wall space including 4 spots

Save 15% with ONLINE STUDIOS

kr. 11.800

Available on backorder

10 meters

Stand with a total of 9 meters of wall space including 4 spots

Save 15% with ONLINE STUDIOS

kr. 14.100

1 in stock

14 meters

14 meter stand with a total of 6 spots

Save 15% with ONLINE STUDIOS

kr. 19.200

Out of stock


kr. 300

Coffee table

kr. 400

Extra spotlight

kr. 200

Extra wall 1 meter

Extra wall of 1 meter. Please check with us first if there is space for the wall on your stand.

kr. 1.300

Instructional video

Need help signing up for Online Studios and booking your booth? Watch our video here.


“Art Nordic provides great service and they are really serious and professional.
An exhibition that is super beautiful and exciting for all senses and communities.”

Trustpilot, 2022


Performing the work professionally, informing artists clearly and well, and ultimately active on social media. Very satisfied.”

Trustpilot, 2022


“I was part of the exhibition this year in April. I made a lot of contacts and Art Nordic was definitely key. The communication was also really good. I would definitely love to participate again!”

Google, 2023

Lasse OSV

As an artist, I had a really good experience at Art Nordic. I felt well treated and had the opportunity to network with talented artists. I also had a really good sale of artwork.

Google, 2023

Please note:

  • All prices are subject to Danish VAT of 25% at check-out.
  • Stand rent includes 3 months of exposure on Art Nordic Online Studios with the option to sell works online. If you want to keep your profile online beyond the three months, it can be purchased on a monthly basis.
  • The stand rental includes an administration fee of 299 kr plus VAT. The administration fee is non-refundable in the event of cancellation by Art Nordic or the exhibitor.
  • Each stand is equipped with 2 spots per 3 meters. Remember to book extra spots if you want extra lighting on your stand.
  • Remember to read our terms and conditions here.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


How do I become a part of Art Nordic?

Artists must apply to become exhibitors at the Art Nordic exhibitions and fairs. We do this to ensure artistic quality.

Apply here.

We will need pictures of your art, a description of your praxis, and your motivation as an artist. Have your CV ready and remember to update your SoMe profiles and website. It is not obligatory when applying, but it will help us get a better idea of you as an artist.

How do you choose the artists for the exhibitions?

We are focusing on the following concepts when selecting artists for Art Nordic:

Expression: how does the art speak to the eye and the body?

Concept: what is the thought behind the art?

Technique: does the art show technical skill?

Invitation: does the artwork impact the viewer?

Story: which stories does the viewer get out of the artwork?

References: does the artwork draw on other works of art, cultural phenomena, fields or theory?

Materiality: how do the materials of the artwork appear?

Responsibility: is the artwork connected to the Global Goals?

This is not meant as a checklist the artwork has to live completely up to. But these are conditions that can be consciously present or not present, from which artistic judgement can be made.

We are aiming for diversity in the selection of artists.

Read more about the artistic profile of Art Nordic: About Art Nordic.

Can I get free tickets to Art Nordic?

You will receive 70 free admission tickets.

How do I set up my art?

It is possible to attach the works with adhesive nails or hook and string. Please bring your own equipment to hang your artwork.

How do I transport my art into the exhibition?

Trolleys are available at the exhibitions.

How large are the stand walls?

Size: the stands are 2.4 meters high and each module is 1 meter wide.

Are there any lamps at my stand?

Spotlights are included in the price. You can also rent additional spots.

Do I need to pay attention to the light at my stand?

Lighting and spot placement should vary depending on the type of artwork. As a rule of thumb, darker pieces need more light. But do not overlight your art.

We have found that the number of spots provided is sufficient for display at our trade shows, but if you need more sports, they can be purchased.

Pro tip: If you have interested buyers, remember to discuss lightning. It can have a big impact on the appearance of the art and lightning in a home setting will most likely be different.


We will not provide a refund for cancellations that happen less than two months before exhibitions. In the event of cancellation on Art Nordic’s part, the full amount minus the administration fee will be refunded.

What about insurance?

It is exhibitor’s own insurance, which covers the artworks throughout the exhibition.


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