New Nordic art at BMW Experience Center in Lyngby

From April 28 to 30, the BMW Experience Center will be transformed into ARTEXPERIENCE, an art and sales exhibition that introduces visitors to a wide range of new Nordic art. The exhibition is the result of a partnership between BMW Experience Center v/Jan Nygaard AS and Art Nordic.

Art Nordic has started a new partnership with BMW Experience Center. The result of the partnership is the holistic art event ARTEXPERIENCE, which takes place the last weekend in April. Here, guests can experience and purchase art from 50 selected Nordic artists and take part in gastro art events that combine food and art.

“We are very excited about the partnership with Art Nordic, which allows us to present our customers with a different and exciting event,” says Kasper Olsson, Marketing Director at Jan Nygaard AS.

“We believe that art can enrich life in many ways and give us a deeper understanding of the world around us. Art has always been part of BMW’s DNA, and for us, ARTEXPERIENCE is a great opportunity to combine our passion for cars with our interest in art and culture.”

Crucial for the Nordic art scene

The April exhibition also presents emerging artists in Art Nordic’s talent program Art Next for young Nordic artists between the ages of 15 and 35.

“The collaboration with BMW Experience Center is an example of the kind of partnerships we need to strengthen the growth layer of the Nordic art scene,” says Loa Brix, Director of Art Nordic, and continues: “Our desire is to bring new Nordic art to a wider audience and give both established and emerging artists a better opportunity to connect with the people for whom art can make a difference. ARTEXPERIENCE helps support that purpose.”

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Anton Ian Nielsen

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