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Pia Kølbjerg – An artistic journey into the microscopic

"It all comes from within. What emerges is highlighted and a new order emerges. Everything in my art is about the inner organic. Out of chaos comes order in the form of a newly emerging micro-world. Everything, colors, shapes and patterns should end up radiating joy of life."

Meet Pia Tejmer Kølbjerg. She creates unique composite works that reflect her background in science and textiles. You can learn more about her unique art here.

Pia Kølbjerg possesses an innate creative gene, but as an artist she is also shaped by the world around her and the experiences she has been through:

“I grew up with illness and trauma, which over time has made me observant, exploratory and curious. It has given me the desire to experience the joy of creating and bring out my inner creativity through art.”

“With my art, I want to produce something that creates joy, not least for myself.” Pia is brutally honest and adds: “maybe I also have an inner need for attention or to be seen, to be alive.”


Pia Købjerg painting

A complex artist

Pia Kølbjerg finds inspiration from a wide variety of sources. It lends unique characteristics to her art, which blend together in her creative process:

“I am very inspired by what I see, but also by what is not visible to the naked eye, the organic on a cellular level. The idea arises and develops in the mind. Layer upon layer is built up, broken down and rebuilt. I choose shapes and colors according to what emerges. It gives an opportunity for depth, new patterns and to form new cells.”

Pia Kølbjerg’s artistic process is driven by immediacy through an intuitive creative process that only ends when she feels it is finished.

“When I first tried painting on fabric as a textile printer, I discovered that the repetitive patterns and organics fascinated me.” And the organic quickly became embedded in Pia’s artistic style: “Cells, patterns and shapes draw me in and inspire me. I find joy and satisfaction in developing patterns and shapes and being able to work from the smallest human unit.”

In this way, Pia Kølbjerg is a complex person who can draw on both her creative training as a textile printer and her technical training as a bioanalyst.

“Microcells and the soft organic shapes versus the tight black line that emphasizes the little quirks. Patterns or the repetitive, versus the colors chosen. The closer you get, the more it opens up. All the processed layers and multiple mediums add an exciting depth.”

Over time, Pia Kølbjerg has become more aware and brave. She takes many more risks when creating art:

“I often end up with a piece that is more complex, has multiple layers, mixes multiple mediums, has color thickening, is 3D, is lacquered, is beaded, embellished with beads, upholstered with fabric, coated with mica, made from natural materials or covered with glass pieces. The list goes on and on. These are all examples of what I can integrate into my work.”

Pia Kølbjerg painting 2

A fascination with the primal and organic

Pia Kølbjerg says that she is primarily inspired by original and traditional tribal art, such as that of the Australian Aborigines. She is also fascinated by the art of Gustav Klimt. In general, primitive art speaks to her, as does the organic and pathological cut, right down to the cellular level.

“It all comes from within. What emerges is highlighted and a new order emerges. Everything in my art is about the inner organic. Out of chaos comes order in the form of a newly emerging micro-world. Everything; colors, shapes and patterns should end up radiating joy of life.”

According to Pia Kølbjerg, we must remember to cultivate art:

“Art is important to us because it massages and activates other parts of our brain than what we occupy ourselves with in our everyday lives. Art should remain a form of expression that we can all immerse ourselves in and explore,” says Pia Kølbjerg. “Art should create wonder or joy. Art can create dialog or contemplation. Art can divide or unite. But there is always room for everyone,” concludes Pia Kølbjerg.

At Art Nordic 2022 you will have the opportunity to see a wide selection of Pia Kølbjerg’s art.

“I want to present my unique, colorful and decorative expression with a micro-world to immerse yourself in.”

You can read more about Pia Kølbjerg on her artist profile.

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