Nele Feldmann – colorful universes of mystery, nature and femininity.

"Art and culture create balance in a world full of conflict and a growing population. Since the beginning of humanity, there has been a need to express the self and contemporary issues in creative form to foster understanding and growth. Therefore, art and aesthetics have a cultural-historical function."

“I create art as a part of life, to communicate and invite dialog and reflection.”

Life is much more than just the daily grind of work, commitments, stress and money. That’s why Nele Feldmann’s paintings express the beauty of topics such as the psyche, humanity, mysticism, nature and dreams and invite you to pause, to feel, to engage in dialog and to be in the present moment.

Nele Feldmann is a creative person who has spent her entire life using creative tools to express herself and create meaning:

“As I unfold my creative energy artistically, by creating images, I understand the world and life. My work reflects the phases I went through. There are dark periods, exuberant works full of life and, right now, works that express my role as a mother, woman, lover and sensual being.”

Through an open, curious and intuitive approach to the world around her, Nele Feldmann is on what she sees as an enriching artistic journey towards becoming a whole person:

“Being an artist is a part of me. Art is life, culture and meaning for people.”

An intuitive journey into the tactile

Nele Feldmann’s creative process often starts with a situation, meeting, event or mood that moves her. It feeds a curiosity, a desire to explore and delve deeper. Nele Feldmann therefore only works on one piece at a time, and the process can last from 24 hours to several months.

In the creative process, Nele Feldmann explores different textures and materials, which is part of what makes her art unique:

“I might mix rice, sugar or other things with paint, and I’m currently in a phase where I use cake wrappers or even bubble wrap to create structure. I create my backgrounds, which are usually abstract, with my hands. Then I design the foreground, the subject.”

Engaging in a constant dialogue with different textures, colors, thoughts and emotions is what drives Nele Feldmann’s colorful works.

The healing power of art

In addition to her artistic practice, Nele Feldmann is also a psychotherapist and is interested in how art can be seen as communication.

“Verbal communication makes up only 5% of all communication, which means that the rest is made up of non-verbal aspects, much of which is hidden in the subconscious,” says Nele Feldmann. Through creative processes, she can bring these elements to her own and her clients’ consciousness:

“The creative process can release, heal, reproduce and somehow reveal an inner world that cannot be captured in words. This power is precisely why I also work with art as a therapeutic tool. The creative process, the artistic work, becomes a shared third that we can relate to. Things are easier to understand and therefore less dangerous,” says Nele Feldmann.

“Through the creative process, you have the opportunity to discover inherent resources and try out new strategies. I help provide a framework for creative expression and guide you through the discovery process. Engaging in creative artistic endeavors has a self-actualization effect. I love processes and use the processes and the dialog about them to help my clients to a better self-understanding,” says Nele Feldmann.

According to Nele Feldmann, art is one of the basic pillars of humanity and thus also of society.

“Art and culture create balance in a world full of conflict and a growing population. Since the beginning of humanity, there has been a need to express the self and contemporary issues in creative form to foster understanding and growth. Therefore, art and aesthetics have a cultural-historical function.”

Nele Feldmann at ArtNordic 2022

When you visit Nele Feldmann’s booth at Art Nordic 2022, you will be embraced by a colorful world of mystery with works that speak of creation and existence, worlds that communicate warmth and joy.

“I let you join me in my discovery of femininity and closeness to nature. I want to invite you to pause, to feel, to engage in dialog and to be in the moment. The audience can look forward to dialog and reflection.”

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