When art and design meet

Art is one of the main sources of inspiration for Line Nevers Krabbenhøft, Head of Design at SOFACOMPANY. She uses art to understand patterns and needs in society and believes that art and good design should be accessible to everyone

Art Nordic has partnered with SOFACOMPANY to help us highlight how art and good design can complement each other. Art Nordic’s ambition is to make art a part of everyone’s everyday life, which resonates well with SOFACOMPANY’s mission to make good design accessible to everyone.

The partnership is also a great opportunity to explore the synergies between the design process and artistic disciplines. Because while the two are fundamentally different, they are also related. To find out more about this relationship, we interviewed Line Nevers Krabbenhøft, Head of Design at SOFACOMPANY.

Common principles

“Art and design are generally based on the same principles of form, lines, balance, contrasts, colors, asymmetry, etc. These are the basic building blocks that both artists and designers work with in addition to thinking about the experience for the user or viewer,” explains Line

But despite the similarities, there is a very specific factor that separates art and design. Because design is also about function.

“Good design meets a need, while art typically expresses something that can have more than one meaning. There is more ‘free interpretation’ on the part of the viewer when dealing with a work of art than there is with design. Good design is design that combines aesthetics and function,” she says. “Something honest, well thought out, well considered, long-lasting, responsible and user-friendly. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a sofa, a car or a cup.”

Art as inspiration

“For me, and many other designers, art, nature, architecture and fashion are the four main sources of inspiration that are always there,” says Line Nevers Krabbenhøft. Art in general plays a significant role in her design process – also as a way of understanding society.

“As a designer, I’m very interested in the patterns and behaviors in society, as I want to identify new needs or problems that can be addressed through design,” she says, adding: “In addition, I also find it very interesting to show art

and design together in a way that creates both visual and sensory cohesion.”

Art has an essential role in our homes

In her everyday life, Line Nevers Krabbenhøft cannot do without art.

“I couldn’t imagine a home without art. The way we decorate tells a lot about us, and art is a great way to show personality,” says Line Nevers Krabbenhøft, emphasizing that for her it’s all about quality, and therefore it’s important that the artist’s work is of a certain standard. For her, it has nothing to do with price, as many people think.

“Just like design, quality art can be fairly priced. And I actually really like that. I think good design and art should be accessible to more people. I’m convinced that both art and design really matter in our lives, and it would be sad if it was only for a few.”

At Art Nordic, you can experience the interplay between Line’s design and art from Art Nordic’s artists, as SOFACOMPANY has decorated both the lounge area and the two stages at this year’s fair.

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